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Bolster Paddles

Bolster Paddles

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  • Promotes an early vertical forearm (EVF) position and increases stroke efficiency
  • Creates and sustains longer peak velocity through the power phase of the stroke pull
  • Easy-adjust velcro strap comfortably holds wrist in place
  • Calls for a high catch by lifting the elbow, ideal for open water and triathlon training
  • Versatile tool for butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle

The Bolster Paddles promote an early vertical forearm position that uses the entire forearm and hand during the pull. Perfecting this technique with the Bolster Paddles encourages a high elbow and will lead to more efficient swimming. The Bolster Paddles are also a great way to build upper body strength. The wide paddle design offers resistance throughout the pull and can be applied to all four swim strokes. Using the Bolster Paddles overtime will improve entry, catch technique, pull and recovery.

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