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Forearm Fulcrum

Forearm Fulcrum

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  • Promotes an early vertical forearm (EVF) position and increases stroke efficiency
  • Specifically designed for stroke refinement and technique focus
  • Calls for a high catch by lifting the elbow, ideal for open water and triathlon training
  • Figure-eight design develops correct stroke muscle memory and prevents shoulder stress
  • Versatile tool for butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle

The Forearm Fulcrums develop an early vertical forearm (EVF) position and increase stroke efficiency. An EVF position utilizes the entire forearm during the pull, from fingertips to elbow. The Forearm Fulcrums promote stroke refinement through muscle memory of proper hand, wrist and forearm position. The Forearm Fulcrums improve efficiency and maintain a strong, uninterrupted pull from the beginning of the stroke to the end. The Forearm Fulcrums are a versatile tool for all four swim strokes.


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