ASCA - Swim Coach Certification Program 2022

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ASCA and FINIS Philippines are working together in offering Swim Coaching Certification for Level 1 to 4 with Coach Chad Onken as a resource instructor.

Clinic Location: DAY 1 to 4 (October 27 to 30) - ACROPOLIS CLUBHOUSE
DAY 1-ASCA LEVEL1- October 27, 2022 8AM-5PM
DAY 2-ASCA LEVEL2- October 28, 2022 8AM-5PM
DAY 3-ASCA LEVEL3- October 29, 2022 8AM-5PM
DAY 4-ASCA LEVEL4- October 30, 2022 8AM-5PM

address: Penelope lane, Acropolis Green Subdivision, Bagumbayan, Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines/

Level 1        - 18,900.00 
Level 2        - 18,900.00 
Level 1 & 2 - 29,800.00
Level 3        - 18,900.00 
Level 4        - 18,900.00 
Level 3 & 4 -  29,800.00 

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• 3-Year Membership to ASCA with ID ($88.00 per year value)
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• Daily morning and afternoon snacks and buffet lunch during seminar.

ASCA LEVEL 1,2 Course

Entry Requirements: (Certificate will not be release without required documents)
-Applicable only for Local Participants
    -Phil National Red Cross First Aid/CPR Certification
    -NBI Clearance

 Level 1 – Foundations of Coaching

In this introductory course, participants learn the fundamentals required for coaching.  It provides a dynamic curriculum that will challenge professionals to create their own coaching philosophies based on a strong foundation. Coaches learn the importance and benefits of productive relationships with parents, volunteers, athletes and their community. A strong emphasis is placed on honing communication skills, safety, and providing pathways for long-term athlete progression and success. 

Once ASCA members have passed this course, they will be ASCA Level 1 Certified.

ASCA  Level 2 – The Stroke School

The ASCA Level 2 School is designed to help coaches achieve a professional knowledge base for teaching effective technique and proper mechanics, while simultaneously reinforcing healthy progressions at each developmental level in the sport. This course incorporates step-by-step examples of technique-based skills and progressions coupled with video demonstrations. 

Once ASCA members have passed Level 1 and Level 2 courses, and have coached for at least 6 months, they will become ASCA Level 2 Certified.

Level 3 – Physiology and Analytics School 

This course delivers a working, general knowledge of physiology as it applies to the sport of swimming. Participants learn to implement science into their training plan, including how to develop training cycles, seasonal planning, periodization, as well as the significance of rest, recovery, nutrition, and tapering. Throughout the course coaches are exposed to a variety of physiological models, including examples from Jon Urbanchek, Dave Salo, and Jan Prins.  

Once ASCA members have passed Levels 1, 2 and 3 courses, and have coached for at least 12 months, they must submit proof of required accomplishments by an athlete to become ASCA Level 3 Performance Certified.  If they don’t have an athlete who has achieved the required accomplishment, they are only considered as an ASCA Level 3 Education Certified

Level 4 – Leadership School

This course offers webinars on an array of topics led by proven and knowledgeable leaders in the sport of swimming.  Because leadership development is vitally important to the success and advancement of the coaching profession, coaches learn both theory and practical application directly from colleagues who have become leaders in various aspects of the sport. Coaches learn about the structure of local, national and international governance organizations and how to get involved and make an impact.  Coaches participate in virtual discussions and collaborate with their colleagues.

Once ASCA members have passed Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 courses, and have coached for at least 36 months, they must submit proof of required accomplishments by an athlete to become ASCA Level 4 Performance Certified.  If they don’t have an athlete who has achieved the required accomplishment, they are only considered as an ASCA Level 4 Education Certified.

About the Speaker:

Coach Chad Onken;
Chad Onken is the CEO and Co-Owner of the Quest Swimming program in his hometown of Midlothian, Virginia. He started with Quest on January 1st, 2019.
Primarily known for the discovery and development of world record holder, NCAA Champion, and 2008/2012 US Olympic Gold Medalist Cullen Jones, Chad has over 20 years of elite championship coaching experience throughout age group, high school, YMCA, and NCAA championship swimming. In addition to being a Level 5 certified coach by the American Swimming Coaches Association, Chad is also a six-time recipient of the ASCA "Award for Coaching Excellence."
In addition to his duties with Quest, Onken also serves as the Director of International Clinics for the American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA). He travels the globe, "coaching the coaches". He has taught clinics or been a guest speaker throughout the United States, as well as in Australia, Canada, Bahrain, and the UAE.
Additionally, Onken has been an active member of various committees and governance organizations within the YMCA of the USA, NC Swimming, VA swimming and USA Swimming. Besides being a current member of the USA Swimming Coach Advisory Council, he also serves as a member of the VSI Senior Committee and Governance Committee.