CLINIC DETAILS:                                                                                              

Clinic Location: DAY 1 AND 5 (April 25 and 29) - ACROPOLIS CLUBHOUSE
address: Penelope lane, Acropolis Green Subdivision, Bagumbayan, Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines
DAY 2 to 4 (April 26 to 28) - LA CHANDELLE EVENTS PLACE
address: 49 Mother Ignacia Ave, Paligsahan Diliman, Quezon City, 1103 Metro Manila Philippines

Clinic Dates: April 25-29 2019

Level 1 & 2 Course

Entry Requirements: (PH Residents Only)
Phil National Red Cross First Aid/CPR Certification
NBI Clearance

ASCA Level 1: The Foundations of Coaching
The Foundations of Coaching course covers the fundamental principles of swimming and swim coaching. The course is designed to introduce coaches to the philosophy our sport, and empower coaches on the pool deck. Topics covered include swim management, coaching communication, teaching methods, and guidance on developing young athletes

ASCA Level 2 – The Stroke School
This course builds off of the material in the Level 1 School and is designed to educate coaches on constructing the best strokes for their swimmers during practice. The primary reason parents bring their children to practice is to learn how to swim better—This is where it starts. Topics covered include:
• Biomechanics and Scientific Principles for the Understanding the Swimming Strokes
• Teaching Progressions for Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Freestyle
• Effective Starts and Turns
• Skills and Methods for Better Coaching

Level 1,2 Course Fees Local Participants
PHP P 17,600 (early Bird Rate FEB1-Mar 31)  -  PHP 19,250 (April 1-15)

-Foreign Participant
PHP 23.650 (early Bird Rate FEB1-Mar 31)  -  PHP24,750.00 (April 1-15)

ASCA Level 3 – The Physiology School

The Physiology School reviews how swimmers’ bodies react and adapt to training, while also helping coaches develop a long-term training plan. Topics covered include core swimming physiology (and the interaction of the various physical and mental systems), as well as training progressions from novice to Senior. A great resource for coaches working with swimmers of all ages!

Entry Requirements:
ASCA Level 1 & Level 2 Certificates of Completion

ASCA Level 3:
Level 3 Course Fee
PHP P 17,600 (early Bird Rate FEB1-Mar 31)    -    PHP 19,250 (April 1-15)

-Foreign Participant
 PHP 23,650(early Bird Rate FEB1-Mar 31)   -   24,750.00 (April 1-15)

ASCA Level 1 - 3 Course -   (Foreign Participants only)
PHP 44.000.00(early Bird Rate)   -   PHP 46,750.00 (April 1-15)

Course Fee (Included)
PHP P 0.00

John Leonard, ASCA Executive Director since 1985. Areas under his direct supervision include Certification, Publications, the World Clinic Program, Advocacy, and ASCA’s interactions with the larger world of swimming. He serves on the USA Swimming International Relations Committee, and the OIOC, as Executive Director and Board Member of the World Swimming Coaches Association, and travels widely within the USA and internationally serving these various related activities.